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definition of #oomf


#oomf = one of my followers...most likely someone of the opposite sex that you like

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A word of discretion. Instead of naming names. Usually describing someone of the opposite sex. Normally relating to something they have done or need to.

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C'mon y'all. It's #oomf. O- One O- Of M-My F-Followers It usually describes someone of the opposite sex that you really like. But, it's used in discretion if you wanted to get it off your chest without others knowing who. So, that's what "#oomf" means.

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Defined by The_Dustin_Polk (9 points)

A sign that somebody is having sex. *oomf* harder baby harder!

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mari kita berdoa untuk perdamaian di gaza

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Defined by emal_wijaya (1 point)

Bout to choke dis bitch

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Defined by MannDeaton (3 points)

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